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Our program is designed to help eCommerce service providers outreach and network with eCommerce brands, marketplace sellers, wholesalers, whether their are SMEs or entreprise companies

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Elliot Brindel

from eCom Outreach Masters

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PPC Winner
Jungle Scount
Riverbend Consulting

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They are the best business developers I know

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Rob Hao, ex Airbnb Director

Brillant work, always here for us and fun to work with

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Nir Tal, Co-Founder at Transigo

The most resut driven people I've the pleasure to have worked with

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Ernest Choi, GM at Surkus

Enroll in our eCom Outreach Masters
Programme to Skyrocket your Success

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We work with you to build your crystal clear ideal client database. An audience of up to 2,000 prospects. Our team will collect their email, phone number and Linkedin URL.

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We design, implement, and execute a strong, multichannel outreach program, tailored to your offer. Your audience will be exposed multiple time to your offer on social networks and on their email inbox.

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We coach you and work with you to make you a key influencer and authority in your niche.

Our Contributors

Stefan Savic

Stefan Savic

Head Lead Researcher

From Elliot Brindel himself: "Stefan attention to details is mind blowing, his team manually search and vet every single leads we deliver to our clients''

Andrya Allen

Andrya Allen

Best Selling Author, High Impact Growth Consultant

I've developed a proven growth process, grounded in user-generated content and positive psychology. This approach leads to high impact campaigns with 15x greater engagement and 300% lift in purchasing behavior over 90 days.

At the end of the program you'll have

  • A verified list of your ideal prospects with their contact and business details
  • The ability to position yourself and your company as an authority in your niche
  • A powerful Sales Automation process, set up and ready for your sales team to implement
  • A clean and targeted Linkedin network, full of your ideal prospects
  • A strong outbound email sequence that we've tested and run with you
  • Limitless scope for business meetings, sales opportunities and iron-clad pipelines

In short - in just 4 to 6 weeks of working alongside us on the eCom Outreach Masters Programme, you will have a rock-solid pipeline of targeted leads, with virtually limitless opportunities to skyrocket your business!

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"They are the best business developers I know"


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Rob Hao, former Airbnb Asia Director